Frequently Asked Questions

Why fork Emby? Why did we start this project?

We explain our rationale on our about page.

My favorite client or feature is missing, why won't you support it?

We would love to support it! Unfortunately, no one has decided to develop it yet, so there isn't much we can do. This is an open source project maintained by developers working entirely in their free time, which usually results in each person working on things they are personally familiar with or plan to use frequently. If you know a developer that would enjoy your favorite feature send them our way, we will gladly help them get familiar with the project workflow!

How do I get help?

Please see our getting help page for details on where to engage the community.

How can I help with this project?

Please see our contributing guide page for details on how to get started.

We are always looking for C# and frontend developers, mobile app developers, translators, and documentation writers to help!

How do I request a new feature?

Please see our requesting features page for details in requesting a new feature in Jellyfin.

How do I support this project?

All we can ask is you use Jellyfin, report any bugs, and tell your friends about us! Really, we're just people volunteering our time to help build a better media system, so joining the community is the best way to show your support.