Fixing 502 Bad Gateway Easily

Most website geeks have been familiar with troubleshooting issues like 502 Bad Gateway. What exactly is a 502 Bad Gateway? To put it simply, it is a condition where web developers or users are facing a blank page on their site. The issue makes them unable to access and operate their websites or blogs.

If this is your first time experiencing the 502 bad gateway, stay level-headed and be calm. The problem might terrify some people when they have no clue to resolve the issue, especially if you own a business that is entirely dependable on your website. It is important to find out the matters that cause the 502 bad gateway problem first, so if you face it again next time, you won’t be as panicked as you are now.

How to Detect Error 502 Bad Gateway

The important thing is that 502 bad gateway can happen to all websites, not limited to websites possessed by big companies such as Google and Twitter. So having prior knowledge to fix the issue is useful. The errors might appear in different words, for instance: “HTTP Error 502 Bad Gateway”, “502 Service Temporarily Overloaded”, “Error 502”, “502 Bad Gateway NGINX”.

Fixing 502 Bad Gateway

Now we have been informed about what 502 Bad Gateway 1 is and what causes it to occur. The next step is to return your website to its original normal state. These steps should be easy for you to resolve the issue by yourself.

Reload The Web

502 Bad Gateway occurred because the server is experiencing data overload and only needs a refresh to put it back to its normal state. Keep in mind that error 502 Bad Gateway is just a temporary condition and it won’t ruin your system. While waiting for your page to reload, copy and paste your URL site to You may check whether your error 502 Bad Gateway only happens to you, as a web developer, or other people who visit your website. After analyzing, try using another browser to access your website if nobody else is experiencing the same trouble.

Deleting Cache Browser

You can try this next step if the previous step didn’t work. A cache is a file that is stored on the server after visiting sites numerous times, so you can receive the whole web view without making the server process the work repeatedly. However, storing too much cache can lead to data overload at times. Therefore, deleting the cache will help lighten the file.

Restarting The Internet Connection

If the first and second steps have something to do with internal repairing, then the next one is more of the external. The 502 Bad Gateway issue may lay on your internet device. The solution to this is just as simple as restarting the device. If you’re using a router, plug out the internet cable, then wait for approximately one minute. You may as well restart your computer for the best result. Lastly, plug the cable back into its place and try to access your website.

Turn Off The CDN For A Moment

If the steps above still haven’t worked, hopefully, this one will get you done. CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a service that facilitates the improvement of your site’s performance. However, a free version of CDN might become the source of 502 Bad Gateway. Try turning off your CDN for a while to check if 502 Bad Gateway has been settled on your website. See if you can access your website now.

Waiting For A Shift on Web Provider

Invalid IP Addresses can also be the reason for 502 Bad Gateway. This might also occur when you’re just moving from your previous hosting to a new one. That shift needs time for 12 to 36 hours, and when you try to access your site around this process, you will receive this notice. The solution is to wait patiently until the process is done during those hours.


502 Bad Gateway is not something to be scared about if you have prior knowledge of it. It could occur to us out of the blue, however, it is not difficult to fix. The key is not to panic and stay level-headed, because the solutions are easy to follow.